Couple calling transport company to move in new house

If you want the best moving company in New York and tristate area, then we are the moving company for you, we offer you hassle-free and easy scheduling services. Our professional movers are very efficient and understand parking regulations, traffic,building restrictions and other issues that can come up when carrying out neighborhood moves.

Travel van lines moving services includes planning, unloading, loading, packing and unpacking and transporting. As the number one moving company in the city of New York, we really care for you, so your moving can be carried out without affecting your schedule. Let’s put our logistics expertise and experience to work with you. We are expert in:

Short Distance Moves

Planning a residential moving can be difficult, but working with the wrong moving company can lead to a nightmare. Travel Van Lines is the leading New York moving company that goes beyond the norm to ensure that you get the best and offering you a great moving experience. Our company’s principle is based on offering top quality customer service, honest and transparent pricing, and unmatched customer satisfaction. We give special attention to every detail by discussing with our customers and understanding their needs.


Long Distance Moves

Are you moving outside the city, outside of the state, or even outside of the country? Travel Van Lines can handle coast to coast long-distance moving. Busy families love the fact that we can handle everything and help you free up your time. We take care of the packing, loading, logistics, and a lot more. Our professional movers are friendly and would treat your possessions with respect and care.

Long distance moving can be difficult,for a lot of families, the physical moving is just a part of the life-changing experience. Getting a new jobs, healthcare, new school, new pet care are other major task. Travel Van Lines takes care of moving your household proper ties in cluding handling short-term storage when it is needed, allowing you to focus on the other things on your list alongside the adventure that accompanies a new apartment.


To be great, you have to differentiate yourself from the rest, this means taking care of things in ways that is unconventional and innovative. You have to do something that’s beyond what’s expected. And the things you do have to impact the emotion of the receiver. We are not just an average company, our services are not average, and we do not want our people to also be average. We expect all our employees to deliver exceptionally.

Our philosophy at Travel Van Lines is to WOW our customers with exceptional experience and service. Whether it is internally with our co-workers or externally with our partners and customers, providing to results in not just word of mouth but also the growth of the business.


Let’s face the fact: people have had horror stories when working with moving companies. By maintaining high ethical standards and not cutting corners, we operate every day in ways that would make our mothers proud of what we do every step of the way.

It is important for relationship-building to be effective, open, and honest. As the company develops, communication becomes extremely important because we all need to know how the entire connects to the bigger picture that we are trying to achieve. Communication is often the weakest link in any company, regardless of how great the communication is. We want every single person to go the extra mile to encourage complete and effective communication.


At Travel Van Lines, our services align with operational excellence and we are aware that there will always make room for improvement in all that we do. That’s why our work is always ongoing. So we can stay ahead of our competitors, thus we have to continually innovate and also make improvements to our operations so as to make our operations more efficient and we always figure out ways to do things better. We make use our errors as learning opportunities.

We don’t lose the sense of urgency when it comes to getting things done. We don’t settle for less because average is the enemy of greatness. We exceed our own high expectations on a consistent basis and raise the bar for competitors and ourselves.


We value beautiful relationships in all areas: with customers, managers, direct reports (internal and external), business partners, vendors, team members, and also co-workers.Strong and positive relationships which are open and honest play a part of what sets us apart from other companies. A strong relationship makes us accomplish a lot more than we could have.

In all relationships, it’s vital to always be a good listener and communicator. Open and honest communication is the basis for all relationships, but note that when all is done, it’s not what is said or the things that you do, but the way you make people around you feel that matters. For someone to feel good in a relationship, he/she has to know that they are cared for by the other person, both personally and professionally.